The Traveling Barber was developed in 1991 by Founder, Cameron D.Fray. 3 years before that in
1988, Cameron was cutting his own and his brothers hair.  By 1990 he bought a full set of tools and
started an apprenticeship at Castries Barbers in Toronto. In early 1991, he got a job at Cut Creator
in Scarborough and developed his craft there. It wasn't long before Cameron realized that it wasn't
just about cutting hair but also catering to people's needs and respecting their valuable time.
Cameron discovered a void that needed to be addressed by a company that was willing to travel
to a variety of private and public facilities to provide on site hair service.
The Traveling Barber started out as a part time venture that he pursued in addition to working
for Nappy's Hair and further his singing career with his Juno nominated group Selections. The
demand for the services of Traveling Barber grew so rapidly that it necessitated Cameron to go to
school in 1992 for cosmetology and get his barber license.  After a couple of successful years, in
1994 Cameron was forced to end the business due to unfortunate circumstances with his family.
In 1996, Cameron was living in Atlanta and started up The Traveling Barber there and was very
successful for a couple of years.
Cameron came back to Toronto in 1998 and kept a few selected clients until 2010.
As a licensed barber Cameron decided it was time to rebrand his business and teamed up with
his entrepreneur brother, Tim Fray owner of Hospes Group Inc.  Cameron and Tim believed that
"What you put into the business is what you will get out of it".  Their vision is to treat others exactly
how they want to be treated.
2011 'Traveling Barber GTA' brand was brought to life, unfortunately everyone wanted
Cameron to cut their hair and was not interested in other Barbers he was sending out instead. Tim
suggested that a Brick and Mortar location is needed in order to introduce new barbers to new clients.  Cameron put a pause in the launch of Traveling Barber GTA and focused on other projects.  2017 came and Cameron called Tim and said he’s ready to look for a place and launch the company, but in June 2017 Cameron was hospitalized with an unforeseen sickness and he succumb to his sickness and unfortunately passed away.
It might have taken 8 years but the first Brick & Mortar location in Scarborough Opened for
business October 2019.  I know Cameron is smiling!  This is for you Cameisha and Precious.
Look out for The Traveling Barber in other cities across Canada and USA.